Lindos is really "two in one", a beautiful Greek village and an archaelogical site, under the protection of the Archaeological Society - situated on the eastern coast approximately 50km from Rhodes town. Lindos is hometown one of the seven Sages of ancient Greece, tyrant Kleovoulos, place where the ancient acropolis with the castle remind you of the ancient era, place which will charm you with its special magic scenery of the white houses and narrow streets. Before reaching Lindos, you can marvel from the panoramic view of the town.

Lindos was originally founded by the Dorians(however myths says different), who arrived in the island in about 10th BC. By the 8th century it was a major trading and shipping centre, which started to decline after the foundation of the city of Rhodes. In its prime, along with the other two major cities on the island, Kamiros and Ialysos, they contributed to the fleet of 1000 ships that went to fight in the Battle of Troy.

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